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The ECG Academy Learning System was created by a Cardiac Electrophysiologist.
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Taught by an award-winning educator and practicing Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Dr. Nick Tullo, the ECG Academy Learning System has provided state of the art EKG training to students from...


Now with New UPGRADED Certificate Courses

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You can have a FREE Introductory Membership so you can check out the videos for yourself! There are three hours of video tutorials included in this offer. You'll learn how ECG machines work, how to attach a patient, and how to measure basic ECG intervals. We also cover the anatomy and physiology of the heart and the cardiac conduction system. It provides a preview of the entire course.

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Dr. Nick is a master educator with an easy manner
and friendly sense of humour, as well as a true ECG expert.
You can’t beat the for quality ECG education.

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the physiologic approach to EKG training provided by the ECG Academy Learning System provides you with the tools to interpret complex tracings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced reader, you can become a resource at your hospital, office or school. Open new doors in your career by becoming an ECG Expert! Become the "Go To" person at work. You can even start a new career as a Telemetry Tech and step right into a high paying position!

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World Class ECG Training

Free Introductory Level

You can register for the FREE Introductory Level, which includes 3 hours of video lessons and ChalkTalks to you get started. It includes anatomy, physiology, ECG basics and interval (PR, QRS, QT) measurements

Comprehensive Training

The Level 1 Course shows you how to analyze cardiac rhythm strips, including basic and advanced arrhythmias. The Level 2 Course teaches you everything you need to read a 12-lead electrocardiogram

Expert Topics

If you are experienced, subscribe to our Expert membership level for access to unique advanced video discussions, 40-minute arrhythmia workshops, and access to over 400 challenging ChalkTalks.

Subscription Pricing for All Levels of Expertise

ChalkTalks Only
$4.95 /month
$40 per year
  • Six-Minute Practical "How To" Coaching Sessions Based On An Unknown Tracing
  • For Beginners and Experienced Readers: Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, RNs, NPs, PAs, EMTs/Paramedics and Practicing MDs
  • Provides Access to 8-10 Of The Most Recent ChalkTalks With One New Release Every Week
Basic Level
$9.95 /month
$100 per year
  • 30+ Hours of Content
  • 100+ ChalkTalks
  • Learn Complex Rhythm Strips
    (Level 1)
  • Telemetry RNs and Techs, Cath Lab/EP Lab Staff, Nursing Students
  • Weekly ChalkTalks
    and Clinical LiveStreams
Advanced Level
$14.95 /month
Only $125 per year
  • 35+ Hours of Content
  • 225+ ChalkTalks
  • Learn 12-Lead ECG
    (Levels 1+2)
  • Medical Students, Residents, NPs, PAs, Cardiac Nurse Specialists, EMTs/Paramedics
  • Weekly ChalkTalks
    and Clinical LiveStreams
Expert Level
$17.95 /month
Only $150 per year
  • 70+ Hours and Growing
  • Over 425 ChalkTalks!
  • Expert Arrhythmia Topics
    (Levels 1+2+3)
  • Medical Residents, Cardiology/EP Fellows, Practicing MDs
  • Weekly ChalkTalks
    and Clinical LiveStreams

Accredited CE/CME Certificate Courses
for 2020

CEs and CMEs available for RNs, NPs, and PAs

Certificate Level 1 – 2020
CMEs/CEs For PAs and RNs
With Three Months Access
  • Provides 14 CME/CE Contact Hours
  • Covers Anatomy, Physiology, Conduction System Function, Basic Rhythms and Complex Rhythm Strip Analysis, Pacemakers and More
  • Advanced Rhythm Strip Training
    Telemetry Certification

  • 100+ ChalkTalks Included
  • New Weekly ChalkTalks
    Recently UPGRADED!
Certificate Level 1+2 – 2020
CMEs/CEs For NPs, PAs, and RNs
With Six Months Access
  • Provides 24 CME/CE Contact Hours
  • Level 1 Plus 12-Lead Topics: Axis, Hypertrophy, Bundle Branch Blocks, Hemiblocks, Ischemia and Infarction and More
  • 12-Lead Training / Certification
  • 225+ ChalkTalks Included
  • New Weekly ChalkTalks
    Recently UPGRADED!

Watch ECG Academy Now:

watch a video "ChalkTalk" now. ChalkTalks are like private COACHING sessions. They are 6 minute step-by-step lessons in approaching unknown ECG tracings.   ECG Academy offers the most advanced ECG training available and every subscription includes access to a new ChalkTalk every week.

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The ECG Academy Learning System

Video Lessons – Step By Step.

Lesson Video

Lesson videos build a foundation of knowledge from the bottom up, and important concepts are repeated to make sure you get it! We will show you how to diagnose basic and complex arrhythmias you may find on a rhythm strip. If your goal is to read 12-lead ECGs, our physiologic approach will explain WHY the ECG looks the way it does, which helps you to remember what to look for.

Click here to watch a demo lesson.

"ChalkTalks" – Practice Your Skills

ChalkTalk Demo

One unique part of ECG Academy are the weekly ChalkTalks, which are 6-minute video tutorials based on a real rhythm strip or 12-lead ECG. These practical "how-to" lessons help you gain confidence in applying your knowledge to an unknown tracing. If you already know the basics, ChalkTalks help you improve your skills. You will learn how to read complex ECGs that don't look like the ones in the textbook!

Click here to watch a demo ChalkTalk.

Another Great Review

Dr. Nick has something for every level of ECG learner.
I think you’ll love his voice and teaching style as much as I do.

Nurse Beth - Columnist, Writer, Speaker for

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ECG Academy will be an exhibitor at the National Organization for Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) conference in Chicago on April 23-25, 2020.

9 MAR 2020

ECG Academy Was An Exhibitor at the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners in Pittsburgh in October, 2019

1 NOV 2019

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