All New UPGRADED for 2024  CE/CME Courses Now Available!

Professionals have to fulfill requirements for continuing education in order to maintain licensing.  ECG Academy can provide approved Category 1 CE/CME contact hours to nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and even techs. As of 2024 we are now able to award AMA PRA Category 1 Credit to physicians! To accomplish this, ECG Academy offers a Modular, Self-Paced, Graded ECG Certificate Program!

How Do The Certificate Courses Work? 

By incorporating ECG Academy's unique video tutorials into an educational framework, we are able to track each participant's progress. The Sections in the Level 1 (Advanced Rhythm Strip Analysis) and Level 2 (12-lead Interpretation) courses each have 3-5 videos, each 5-15 minutes long, that cover a particular topic. At the end of each section there are all new Practice Questions (to ensure your understanding of the material), followed by a short quiz to measure your proficiency. All of the practice questions, quizzes and exams provide extensive feedback (more to learn!). Plus, there is a collection of "Essential ChalkTalks" at the end of each level, to help you practice analyzing unknown tracings. At the end of the each Level there is a final exam. Completion of the program qualifies the participant to receive up to a maximum of 38 hours of CME/CEU (depending on your credentials). The Certificate Courses can even open new doors for individuals who would like to start a career as a telemetry or ECG technician.

Why Not Just Watch The Video Tutorials?

The ECG Academy video subscription service was originally offered as a "do-it-yourself" educational experience... those motivated to watch the video tutorials will gain tremendous insight and skill. But if you want credit for the time and effort you have put into becoming an ECG Expert, the Certificate Course can give you that. Plus, you can learn even more from the quizzes and exam questions and the tips and pearls you will learn from those answers. Once you've completed the Course, you can continue to watch the videos to maintain your understanding of the material or sharpen your skills at reading more difficult tracings.

User Testimonials:

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Which Plan To Choose?

  • If you need CE Contact Hours or a "Certificate of Completion," choose a Certificate Course
  • If you want the challenge and feedback of quizzes and a final exam along the way, but you DON'T need accredited CE/CMEs, choose a HYBRID Course
  • If you don't need a "formal" course but just want to learn to read ECGs by watching videos, choose a monthly membership (or save money with an annual membership plan)
  • If you just need to know cardiac rhythm strips and arrhythmias, choose Level 1 course or the Basic membership plan
  • If you need to be able to read 12-lead ECGs, choose a Level 1+2 course or the Advanced membership plan
  • If you already know how to read ECGs but want to delve deeper into the nuances of arrhythmias and electrophysiology, choose the Expert membership plan
  • If you already know how to read ECGs but need practice dealing with complex or "tricky" tracings, choose the "ChalkTalks Only" plan. You can always upgrade to the Expert membership for additional insight
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