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How do I cancel my subscription?

It's very easy to cancel your subscription. When you log in, the first page you reach is the Member Management Page. Click on the link that says Manage My Subscriptions. You'll see a list of your active subscriptions. On the right under the Action column, click the link that says Stop Auto-Billing. That will cancel all future billing on your subscription, but you will still have access to the content until the end of your paid month. Do NOT click on "Unsubscribe" because that will immediately prevent you from reaching the content.

When will the Expert Level be finished?

The Expert membership level is now available but it is a "work in progress." It’s content is primarily aimed at cardiology and EP fellows, but PAs, NPs and APNs involved in EP or cardiology would enjoy it as well. I will continue to add advanced lectures in the future. The “Expert” membership offers over 500 archived ChalkTalks at all levels, as well as a growing number of 40-minute advanced arrhythmia "workshops."

How do I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription from the Member Management page. When you log in, click on the link that says Manage My Subscriptions. Then scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see a number of subscriptions that you should be able to upgrade to. If you have any questions about upgrading, you can also email our support staff using the link at the top of this section.

How do I update my credit card information?

When you log in, the first page you reach is the Member Management Page. Click on the link that says My Payment Methods. You'll see a listing of your credit card, which you can edit if you wish to continue with your subscription.

What's the difference between the monthly subscription and the Certificate Course?

There are actually two parts to the website. Each part contains the same unique educational videos, but they are presented differently. If you need continuing education credit hours or would like documentation of the time you spent, you should sign up for a Certificate Course. These courses were just UPGRADED as of November, 2019. You would choose either Level 1 or Level 1+2 -- you cannot just take Level 2, since Level 1 is a pre-requisite. These are structured such that you watch the videos in each section, but you have to pass a quiz before you can move on. Level 1 has 17 sections (equivalent to 12-14 contact hours) and teaches the basics all the way up to complex arrhythmias. Level 2 has 11 sections (with 8-10 additional contact hours) that pick up where Level 1 leaves off and goes over the finer points of reading a full 12-lead ECG. Each Level ends with a final exam. RNs and PAs can claim accredited CE contact hours. Physicians and other healthcare professionals can claim Category 2 CME credit hours. If you don't need a certificate and prefer just watching the videos (without the feedback of quizzes and tests) then the monthly subscription plan is for you. The plans are very affordable, and you can save additional money by signing up for an annual plan. Click here for the levels and prices. Monthly subscribers can watch the videos in any order, over and over again. Cancel at any time. This is a complete course, just no certificate at the end.

I signed up for a monthly subscription but I can't log in. What should I do?

There may have been a glitch in the registration process. If you do not receive an email immediately confirming that you successfuly subscribed, then something went wrong. That also means that your credit card was not charged. It is often necessary to just start over and reenter your information. The site will reject duplicate emails, so you won't be able to register twice and be will not be charged twice. If there are duplicate charges, we are happy to refund the inappropriate one.

I signed up for a Certificate Course, but I can't log in. What should I do?

If you received an email confirming that you successfuly subscribed to a Certificate Course, then don't worry. It takes about 24 hours to get you enrolled in that part of the website. At that time you will receive a detailed email welcoming you to the course, with instructions on where and how to log in. If you don't hear from us after 48 hours, please email the support link at the top of this section and explain the problem to us.

The videos don't play on my computer. What could be wrong?

Playing streaming videos over a network can sometimes be a problem because the network may filter out certain content. Hospitals, schools, and corporations will sometimes block streaming videos to keep people from watching YouTube all day. Sometimes, a WiFi connection may be the problem. Try to do the course where you have a robust internet connection, preferably in your home where there is less of a chance that the content will be filtered. Connect your computer directly to the internet using an Ethernet cable if your WiFi is not fast enough. The videos can be viewed on a PC, a Mac, desktop, laptop or tablet. You can even watch them on your phone but the image may be too small to see clearly.

The videos are taking a long time to load or they sometimes stop playing. What should I do?

If you don't have a rapid internet connection, the high-definition videos on ECG Academy may take a long time to load, and they may hesitate or stop in the middle in order to "buffer" the data stream. High def video requires a decent rate of data, so if your WiFi or network cannot handle it, you can choose to watch the standard definition version of the video instead. This file is much smaller and should load quickly and play smoothly. To do this, click the HD button in the lower right corner of the video player and turn it from blue (HD on) to gray (HD off).

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