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Three Ways To Become An ECG Expert

Monthly Subscription Plan

Monthly membership plans include unlimited access to the video tutorials. Each plan is targeted for a specific level of proficiency. There is a FREE Introductory level that covers basic electrical theory, cardiac anatomy and physiology, and discusses ECG rates, timing, and interval measurements. The Basic membership plan includes all of the video lessons comprising "Level 1," which will equip you to read simple and complex cardiac rhythm strips. Level 1 covers normal and abnormal rhythms and how to diagnose them. Arrhythmia recognition is based on understanding how the heart works... the video lessons show you WHY the ECG looks like it does. We don't rely on pattern recognition like other ECG courses. You'll become confident in your ability to get the right answer! The Advanced membership includes Levels 1 and 2, which will show you how to read a 12-lead ECG. The Expert membership includes all of the above plus access to videos covering advanced topics, 40-minute arrhythmia workshop videos, and over 400 ChalkTalks, which are 6-minute practical videos based on an unknown rhythm strip or 12-lead. A new ChalkTalk is produced each week, and all monthly memberships include access to the new ChalkTalks. Click Here to see the topics covered at each level. To get started, click Subscribe Now below and choose one of the monthly membership plans (Basic, Advanced or Expert). Watch the videos for as long as you want and cancel your subscription at any time. Annual plans, which provide a discounted rate, are also available.

Certificate Courses

By incorporating ECG Academy's unique video tutorials into an educational framework, we are now able to track each participant's progress and award CE Contact Hours to nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. The Certificate Courses were TOTALLY UPGRADED as of November, 2019. They now feature larger graphics, extensive feedback, and more content. Level 1 and 2 courses are broken up into Sections pertaining to a particular topic (for example, Atrial Flutter). Each section contains a series of 3-5 videos followed by a quiz to reinforce the information and to measure your proficiency. At the end of each Level there is a final exam. Completion of each level qualifies the participant to receive a "Certificate of Completion." Continuing Education Hours are awarded to NPs, RNs and PAs. ECG Academy Level 1 program is approved for 12-14 contact hours of continuing education, and Level 1+2 is approved for 20-24 contact hours. Note: NPs are only eligible for the Level 1+2 Certificate Course. Click Here to see the topics covered at each level. To purchase the course, click Subscribe Now below and choose one of the Certificate Courses (Level 1 or Level 1+2). Click here for more information.


ChalkTalks are 5-6 minute "how to" video tutorials based on a single rhythm strip or 12-lead ECG, and are unique to ECG Academy (see example below). The ChalkTalk coaching sessions are rated in difficulty from 1 to 7, and they assume that you already know the basics, so this is a great way for experienced readers to gain more insight by learning how to tackle the tough tracings. Each monthly membership or certificate course provides access to a number of basic or intermediate ChalkTalks. In addition, a new ChalkTalk is released every week, so that you'll always have something new to learn. If you think you already know how to read an ECG, just subscribe to the ChalkTalks and test yourself! For a very low price you can watch 8-10 recent ChalkTalks and then receive access to a new one each week. That's over an hour of expert teaching as soon as you sign up. If you like it, stay on and learn something new every week. You can cancel your subscription at any time. To get started, click Subscribe Now below and choose the ChalkTalks subscription plan. An annual plan is also available, which provides a very affordable way to hone your ECG skills.

Which Plan To Choose?

  • If you need CE Contact Hours or a "Certificate of Completion," choose a Certificate Course
  • If you want the challenge and feedback of quizzes and a final exam along the way, choose a Certificate Course
  • If you don't need a "formal" course but just want to learn to read ECGs by watching videos, choose a monthly membership (or save money with an annual membership plan)
  • If you just need to know cardiac rhythm strips and arrhythmias, choose Level 1 course or the Basic membership plan
  • If you need to be able to read 12-lead ECGs, choose a Level 1+2 course or the Advanced membership plan
  • If you already know how to read ECGs but want to delve deeper into the nuances of arrhythmias and electrophysiology, choose the Expert membership plan
  • If you already know how to read ECGs but need practice dealing with complex or "tricky" tracings, choose the "ChalkTalks Only" plan. You can always upgrade to the Advanced plan for additional insight
Click here for the topics covered at each level.

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