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What is missing from every online course on the internet? LIVE INTERACTION with the Professor. Now introducing Dr. Nick's ECG Masterclass. These are live presentations of Clinical ECG topics (many are case presentations) that will be perfect for intermediate and advanced users who want to be able to ask questions during and after the discussion.

Learning to read ECGs is like learning another language. You have to start with the letters, then build words and understand their meanings. After that you can begin to put together sentences that make sense. If you don't learn the basic rules of a language and then practice frequently, you will never truly be fluent in it. Obviously, the best way to practice is to interact with someone who speaks natively.         

Dr. Nick Tullo is a practicing Cardiac Electrophysiologist and award-winning educator. He created ECG Academy, but just like every static course, once you have watched the lessons and tutorials there is still a chance that you might miss things without practicing your skills. "If you don't use it, you lose it," right? To that end, Dr. Nick has recorded over 600 "ChalkTalk" coaching videos that are the "next best thing to being there"... he starts with an unknown tracing and shows you step-by-step what you have to look for. He teaches you how to think like an EP Doc!  However, if you don't entirely "get it," you cannot easily ask a question. 

That's where LIVE ECG MASTERCLASSES come in.  Here is your chance to learn from the expert in a live environment, where you can ask a question and have it answered by the Professor. There is nothing else like it on the Internet, and ECG Academy is planning to deliver a new Masterclass every month. These will be for experienced readers who want to hone their skills further and reach a new level of proficiency. We hope to open doors in your career and help make you a resource in the hospital or the medical office.

The approach to these Masterclasses will mostly be case-based,,,  there will be a brief case presentation, then a discussion centering around the ECGs. The purpose is to bring in a certain CLINICAL aspect of ECGs so you will be able to apply your newly gained expertise to real patients. The day and time of each session will vary, to give viewers in different time zones a chance to be part of the class. The good news is that if you miss a Masterclass, we will provide access to recordings afterwards, so you can still learn a great deal from the presentation. 

The pilot of the all new 2024 series of ECG Masterclasses ("A Tale of Two Syncopes") was presented on December 7, 2023 and was very successful. If you are interested in watching that free class or purchasing access to the rest of our collection of ECG Masterclasses, click the button below:

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How Do I Sign Up For The Next Masterclass?  

The next Masterclass will be on Wednesday, April 24th at 9PM Eastern Time. The title will be: A "WOLFF" In Sheep's Clothing? — Or NOT... Dr. Nick will present a case of a patient who complained of occasional palpitations. Her cardiac rhythm strip shows intermittent periods of distinct ECG changes consisting of widening of the QRS complexes. Dr. Nick will take you through analyzing the rhythm strip in this case and touch on all the different possibilities that you might consider, and maybe a couple you wouldn't. This presentation is sure to be a “bundle” of fun and surprises! Learn to look for the subtle clues that most cardiologists miss and get the right answer by signing up to this Live Masterclass!

If you are already a member of ECG Academy, you will be receiving an email invitation. Premier Level members will have free access to all Masterclasses, while others will be able to purchase access for $32 for this Masterclass. 

You can register for the April 21st Live Masterclass by clicking the button below:


Be Part of the ECG Movement!

If you feel fairly comfortable reading ECGs, come to an ECG Masterclass to hone your skills, learn more "pearls," and gain clinical insights into how to actually treat patients with complex rhythm problems.  If you would like more information, click on the link below to join the Masterclass Mailing list. 


Which Plan To Choose?

  • If you need CE Contact Hours or a "Certificate of Completion," choose a Certificate Course
  • If you want the challenge and feedback of quizzes and a final exam along the way, but you DON'T need accredited CE/CMEs, choose a HYBRID Course
  • If you don't need a "formal" course but just want to learn to read ECGs by watching videos, choose a monthly membership (or save money with an annual membership plan)
  • If you just need to know cardiac rhythm strips and arrhythmias, choose Level 1 course or the Basic membership plan
  • If you need to be able to read 12-lead ECGs, choose a Level 1+2 course or the Advanced membership plan
  • If you already know how to read ECGs but want to delve deeper into the nuances of arrhythmias and electrophysiology, choose the Expert membership plan
  • If you already know how to read ECGs but need practice dealing with complex or "tricky" tracings, choose the "ChalkTalks Only" plan. You can always upgrade to the Advanced plan for additional insight
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