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Teaching nursing students or techs how to read electrocardiograms can be a challenge. They have to start with the basics and need time and repetition to absorb the material. Even medical students or those enrolled in graduate programs like NP or PA students can use expert training from an award-winning educator and cardiac electrophysiologist. ECG Academy can provide your students with expert training in electrocardiography, so you can spend your valuable classroom time on other subjects. And it’s fun! They just have to watch videos!

The State Of The Art

Instead of asking your students to purchase an ECG textbook that will put them to sleep, use ECG Academy. We partner with you to ensure that your students become confident and proficient at interpreting rhythm strips and 12-lead ECGs. Users of our courses go on to become clinical resources at school and in the hospital. The program also includes a subscription to our weekly ChalkTalks, which provide reinforcement and practice even after the course is finished.

ECG Academy is an educational resource for anyone who wants to become an ECG Expert, including students, practicing healthcare professionals and faculty. Our philosophy centers on relating ECG events to the physiology of the cardiac conduction system, so that your students learn WHY the ECG looks the way it does. Rather than having to rely on pattern recognition, we show your students how to analyze the tracing and prove to themselves that they have the right answer. Our engaging video tutorials feel like you're having a private lesson with a cardiac rhythm specialist, and they are recognized all over the world for their unique and comprehensive effectiveness.

Free Up Your Classroom Time

The video tutorials on ECG Academy will quickly teach your students how to expertly interpret a cardiac rhythm strip or 12-lead ECG. Our unique video show your students what they need to know, at their own pace, without having to read a textbook. This allows you to use the “Inverted” or “Flipped” Classroom model, concentrating on interactive review and discussion in class. We provide quizzes along the way to ensure comprehension and help students retain the material, and there are final exams that can be customized to fit your requirements. These courses are excellent for beginners or for advanced students who need to be more comfortable with arrhythmias and 12-lead ECGs. Plus, the courses underwent a major upgrade for 2020.

What Teachers Are Saying

"ECG Academy will revolutionize traditional programs with their innovative online teaching techniques and support for students. Traditionally, interpretation of ECG’s is overwhelming and not effectively instructed in the classroom due to time constraints. ECG Academy allows the students to work at their own pace, has shorter modules conducive to learning and allows professors access to monitor student’s progress. ECG Academy should be a requirement for all nursing programs!"

Vanessa P. FNP Track Director
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What Students Are Saying

Features of ECG Academy

  • Self-paced online training frees up classroom time.
  • Videos are easy to understand, are only 8-12 minutes long, and can be watched over and over again.
  • We provide a custom website designed just for your students
  • Students have log in credentials that maintain confidentiality
  • ECG Academy provides a complete educational solution for schools, hospitals and institutions
  • There is generally NO cost to the school as the students purchase subscriptions directly from ECG Academy
  • Students can have access for any number of semesters
  • Faculty have access to the students' progress and grades
  • Fully customized program provides teaching at the level of proficiency you desire. All exams are provided and are suited to fit your expections
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Let ECG Academy Help YouTeach ECGs
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